#Poetry:”What is right?”

What is right?

To see things, in a different light?

Is what I feel,

or the result of the wheel?

Where is morality going?

Right or wrong,

in my heart and mind are boiling.

I’m still somehow,

convinced that Id did right,

because I thought it was,

at least for me,

I want to break free.

I want my feelings,

to be genuine

and still not be ashamed of them.

In the end that’s my gem.

I don’t need to run, but to fix

That system…

In my mind a mix,

of stratagems.

But I’m still convinced,

of my feelings, of my stands,

not excatly dirty, my hands.

In my heart, I’m sure,

I wasn’t wrong,

 to play this song.

So I still need to correct,

to prove I’m better,

to fix that,

to be clever,

to prove that I’m not a monster,

or a danger.

So I wonder if what I thought was right,

was acrually it, in the end…

does it matter?

Would it work if I bend?

Stupid chatter…

And still,

strong is my will.

I will prove it, i’m a betetr man,

and you will know that,

you won’t understand,

you’ll see it,

all in my hands.

And in yours, maybe…

One day,

I still hope, who knows…


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