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The Past…

Some people say to move on,

but they still living in it, can’t rest.

But it’s true, you can’t be blocked,

you can’t be in a prision, locked,

by it. It’s fool, it knocked

and you see it everyday, not even shocked.

But I know it’s not the past that define us,

time to stip thinking about mistakes,

too much pressure to take,

give ‘em away,

‘cause they just bring you down.

Don’t lvie in them, I mean what you did wrong,

not the good things,

that make you happy and strong.

Happiness is where you belong…

You can’t regret it, after all.

I just know that I can’t let it be

An obsession.

‘Cause I know what it is,

I lived in my skin,

wasted too much time in this screen.

I can’t let that happen again.

And I care, so much of what’ has been,

That I can’t let her be,

like a bad thing in my past, in my life.

I want to break free,

from the prison of my past,

I’ll do it now,

can’t wait for the test.

Iwant to start over,

with everyone, and everythng.

Luckily, life isn’t science,

so who knows what will be your alliance.

This my cure,

as always, things about I’m sure.

As the love that  I felt,

won’t escaping it, I can’t melt.

So bye for now,

goint to see the future, somehow.

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