#Poery: “A new Spring…”

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/26/poesiauna-nuova-primavera/

And it has come,

the new season,

shocks with passion.

It smells new, renewed,

I feel reborn.

Suddenly, all of a sudden: freed.

I don’t think about the past anymore,

I don’t want to be chained anymore.

I remain in love

And if you allow, I stay with hope,

but it takes a look into the future.

Now it would take a miracle: for sure.

You know though, I’m sure what I’ve heard,

without the need to describe in words,

there is no need for something built.

I know there is no lie in the heart,

despite all the pain,

what time passes.

And it has passed, as I said let’s forget about it

I hope you do the same too.

And so I do not regret, no more regrets.

Which then only the facts count,

but the facts always change.

We are wrong and I will be wrong again, we are not diamonds.

Well, I’m fine with my past,

so that we can make peace once and for all,

and forget my state.

We will see then how it goes,

we’ll see you there.

Just as the sun sets and rises,

even a man, he does,

the horizon can be seen, you lean out,

like spring …

a new man, a new season.

I know that many things are false,

I make up my mind.

My awareness remains,

with my every sensation.

And from here I leave, slowly,

like in a station.

As well as nature that awakens,

also for me, like her, the alarm rings.

I feel much better,

I start a new song.



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