I’ll find answers again,

As now I understand what I did,

so many mistakes,

too much to take…

But I will find a way,

as I always do and say.

As the days are going,

day after day, the sun is shining,

for a longer time,

With pain I’m dining

I don’t mind the mining,

in my heart,

and crying.

I will find answers,

one day, shocked into my mind and heart.

When I’ll stop thinking about it.

So far into my art.

I’ll find answers,

as I need love more than sex,

yes, I’d fuck only with one who I love,

no bitches, no durex.

No need for this shit,

just to find out,

what I must do,

not gonna hear it from you,

my friend,

maybe her…

As the spring comes,

so will my answers,

with all the dangers.

Life will change again, a new stranger…

Writing on this paper.

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