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too late to take them,

I take them now,

that I can no longer understand where the dwelling is.

The peace that emerges,

I always choose the same person.

I am not one who begs,

the situation is getting worse.

Hope, it’s not around here,

the naked truth,

how I would like to see you and fuck you.

But it doesn’t matter, to go on …

Come on, but where?

I stand still, I do not jump.

Too late to choose you, to do it right,

but I would choose you a thousand times, as I would give you the penis.

Excuse all these references to sex,

it’s just another thing that I admitted.

If I had never met you,

who knows how it would have been,

maybe I would still be stuck,

in my past.


And after a long time you are a person that I have loved,

I am cursed: not a miracle worker.

Also because I know it would have been different,

I would not be one who writes and lies.

I have learned so much,

I know the right choice,

I feel like a mongoose,

“Hakuna matata.”

Te gusta?

Of all the things that have happened,

there doesn’t seem to be a right one.

You are a beautiful hot girl.

I feel like I’m being beaten with a whip.

And now that I can’t do it anymore,

I tell myself that what I’ve always wanted anyway,

was to choose only one thing:

thought more than it should.

I only choose you now,

maybe I would declare my feelings to you,

maybe it would be different …

Without misunderstandings

So without getting hurt,

without lying.

I choose you now that you are gone,

in case I come back, I don’t know …

ready for you, i will be.

By now I know my mistakes,

I’ll heal the cuts,

ships, without admirals.

I find now the right determination,

I can’t take any action …

nobody here understands my intention,

the sensation,

now I understand yours,

how stupid am I?

I learned the lesson…

I point my finger in your direction again,

as my destination.

Maybe it won’t do much, like hope,

but in my boldness,

I’m at least honest with myself,

I know a new dance.

Thanks, you know?

I always love you,

it will always be like this,

a lot.

As crazy as it sounds,

it is thanks to you that I grow up.

I can be wrong in many things but,

never with the heart.



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