Last confessions of a fallen in Love.

Italian vesion here:


And these are my latest confessions,

the story ends, with all the obsessions,

all fixations:

Seeking new missions.

And the affection was true,

I still have it in my chest.

It won’t go away, I admit it:

she will always be a part of me, in a perfect way.

I don’t want you anymore, I think:

maybe it’s time to send you a message,

saying that I would like you as a friend,

but I will not have the answer: I will remain in the shipwreck,

I suppose I won’t have to struggle anymore.

In fact I don’t want to do it,

I want to love in a normal way,

like a friend,

without a capital.

I would be able to do it now,

but I lost you,

I don’t know if you come back so far.

Who knows if life will make us meet again,


Somehow I’ll be thinking of you,

every now and then, in this river of evil.

The blow was fatal …

With various myths to dispel.

From the head I leave you in the heart,

for you I feel love,

but I forget about this,

for myself,

for a possible relationship between us, honest.

I don’t want to forget the good times,

when we laughed and joked, funny.

It was a difficult time for both of us,

so we did not understand each other, we are weird.

And these last things have given me the desire to write a lot,

If I had been there, shit wouldn’t have happened

I’m not proud of it …

I didn’t want to take advantage of your kindness,

I admired your sweetness.

I thought you loved me a little,

but maybe not enough: now music in my veins.

And I would like to give you a hug,

even if I feel like a sieve.

I didn’t give a damn about anyone, just this story. Neither of M ***, M ***, L ***, P ***, I don’t remember what the fuck I wrote.

I only cared about S ****.

This fucking situation has stressed me out in an incredible way, I’m healed, I’m starting to heal, but … The truth is, now that I’m calm, I still love you.

A mess happened, I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t understand if I could fix things, how you knew certain things, I apologized, you seemed to have accepted them, then you disappeared. I do not understand.

I do not understand…

I don’t think it’s your fault, I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault, I don’t think you should stop being as you are … boh.

But let’s let go of the past, will you?

Well, I’m done … if I had to read these things, but I doubt it … I would like to be your friend, I would like life to put us back together in some way.

I close the door but … You can always knock on the doors.

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