#Poetry:”Hell on Earth”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/03/poesiainferno-in-terra/


I often wonder if hell is on earth,

since you suffer from dogs, while alive,

without waiting to go there dead.

Life itself is hell, purgatory, paradise.

I wonder if we are punished,

I wonder if we deserve certain punishments,

I wonder if talking about punishments and merits is nonsense,

since if there are no gods,

it’s all nonsense.

Hell is being without those you love,

hell is parting,

regardless of the bonds you had,

the heart always bleeds.

Then it becomes a habit,

along with all those fucking difficulties, never a fucking joy …

Tired of blaming or taking it upon yourself,

since certain things repeat themselves …

I have not known paradise yet …

I know hell and purgatory,

I know bad choices,

but the right ones, still not.

I know the pain of separations

And the weight that crushes my heart.

Is this already hell?

Trying to fill in the blanks, with a thousand things

And there isn’t one that really works.

Will there be a paradise?

I know that the “happy ending” are only in fairy tales, but …

A “happy continuation”, at least every now and then, right?


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