#Poetry:”Far Away”.

Italian verison here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/06/poesialontano-lontana/


So far

Kilometers and kilometers,

so far,

as if you had to cross

“The Sahara by bike,

or swimming the ocean “.

So far that it is not reachable,

anyway i think i do,

it seems that the distance is unbridgeable.

And I don’t need to go far,

because there is no place to go.

No void will be filled,

from this sea,

from this desert.

So far away,

that I can’t get there,

she has gone a long way away …

the lens escapes from the hands,

so far now.

A life escaped from the hands,

like her.

Far, so far …

What I want,

the moment I don’t know through which miracle it will happen …

in which she will no longer be far away,

it won’t be far away.



An immense distance,

which seems never to be filled.

As far away as the day the pain will pass.

Far away, like the kilometers traveled before finding it,

it seems that to find it again I will have to do as many.

Far away, where maybe I should go, but I don’t want to

And I don’t feel the necessary strength and confidence.

Far away, like the last moment of affection,

like the last hug,

like the walls she built.

So far…

And I don’t have the strength to fight, even if I would …

So far,

maybe I should let myself be carried away by the current of the river

and time,

maybe it will lead me to that distant place,

without me doing anything.

I will leave the waste of the past, in the river, as well as my body and my mind.

I don’t know what else to do, to get back close.

If I knew, I would,

I get lost in the kilometers of distance, to try to understand how,

but I haven’t found a way.

I know there is,

but I can’t find it.

If I found it, I wouldn’t be here writing it.

I feel like I’m being carried away, holding out my hand, weakly,

towards all that I love.

And they are all,

they all are

it’s all so far away …


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