#Poetry:”Like Dying”.

Italian verison here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/07/poesiacome-morire/


It’s like dying,

like the fear of death,

that one tries to exorcise.

When you part with the people you care about.

It’s like dying,

because you die a little.

You lose a part of yourself,

how to die.

It’s like death,

because you try to find a way to live forever.

A bit the same as hoping that people will come back,

how to find a way to get them back.

It’s like the fear of death,

we try to postpone …

but sooner or later it arrives.

Of course, while alive we can still do something,

but these are not the most important moments,

those who relate us to death?

As Battiato said:

“I said in a song called”Il Re del Mondo”:

“the day of the end you won’t need English”, he said …

This is the problem, that people forget that Death will come, it is inevitable

It is useless for us to try to exorcise it. That is the most important moment

If during your life you do not do things that relate to Death, you have wasted an existence …”

(Franco Battiato.)

Death is separation,

and we die when we part with someone

and we always think about finding a way how to bond again,

because losing people is like dying to me.

And I have a fucking fear of dying.

I must say that I have felt this feeling several times in my life,

it has brought me close to death several times.

And I said I didn’t want to lose anyone anymore

And here I am, to continue.

To lose parts of me that die,

to try to bring them back to life,

because I’m afraid of becoming something that doesn’t belong to me …

But there is no remedy for death,

maybe to the rest in life, yes.


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