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The time has come to heal,

since pain offers very little.

It’s time to heal,

the pain has existed too much.

The pain is useless, too long.

Now I get rid of the pain,

looking at some photos,

I don’t feel the pain of before,

I feel a tender nostalgia,

looking at who “tender”, she called me.

In the end, just wanting to stop feeling bad,

to stop, in fact?

I’m tired of feeling the pain,

so I think the time has come to heal …

It will not be pain that will bring me love,

to bring me back who I loved

and what I loved.

Pain is not the most important thing.

I’d like to find a way to close, so as not to leave things pending …

And in fact I get rid of the pain,

because it’s time to stop.

The pain of a separation,

it’s the worst I’ve ever tried …

and not that it ever helped me, really.

I begin to think that pain is an end in itself.

They say you learn from pain, from negative things,

but often it seems that only those exist to grow.

And that’s not true, just as you don’t just need a stern person to do it.

In short, the pain must be made to flow,

but we must be left alone to absorb it, to understand it …

To make it become part of us.

Even though I’m so tired, of mostly hearing that.

PS: and I think this is also the best way, in case I ever come back, to relate to you, otherwise if I stay like this, I could never do anything with you, I miss friendship.

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