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I live in the grip of my morality,

not being free to do shit,

but in doing so my hands are often tied.

So, I understand that maybe every now and then, you have to play dirty,

that I can feel evil,

I can feel like a pig,

I can feel envious,

I can feel jealous,

I can feel eager

and mischievous.

I can feel those feelings

that I thought were wrong to prove,

I can make myself responsible for my actions,

without feeling bad.

I can free myself, because sometimes it has to be welcomed,

a possible “dark side”,

also be proud of your mistakes,

always hoping for the butt blow,

overcoming obstacles, and every wall.

Proud of defeats,

proud of my desires, dreams,

of my worlds.

Of my ambitions,

because that’s the only way I’ll get there

and whatever I want, I’ll take.

After all it is with all these:

“You can not,

it will never happen.

I can’t trust anymore

I can’t love you anymore,

I can no longer recover.

I can no longer be friends with her / or. “

That you WILL, in fact, do something.

That I can.

So just censor yourself:




you want:

the women of others,

to punch someone,

be envious of who you are with who you would like to be with,

you want the woman of others,

free yourself,



Sentitives free to be angels, demons, humans.

Weak, carnal.

Bullshit, despite the consequences,

you will do them, you will feel bad,

but at least, you will be free.

Amen and fuck you.

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