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The biggest obstacle is ourselves.

It is we who do not believe it, first of all.

So we stand still, apathetic and believe that “giving up” is the answer.

I have found new strength,

new strength inside me,

I feel alive, I’ve never felt,

so aware of myself.

Instead of “giving up”,

to try to get things out of my head,

I wanted to insist.

Because I want to change everything in my life,

I want to think and I think now,

in a different way.

I realize that I have potential that perhaps everyone has.

I feel that there is something inside me that has awakened.

And maybe that’s my real self.

I feel alive.

And it’s a great feeling …

I realized we can really do anything,

if we are aware of ourselves.

The power to move our mountains.

Obstacles disappear,

as soon as you stop focusing on them.

You understand that the obstacles are not the important thing,

but the goal.

Of course, this does not mean that obstacles cease to exist,

but they become incredibly easy to overcome.

I believe there is some wisdom in life.

In the end it is no longer “I have to do,

I want,

I can do”

it is simply: “do”.

“Just Do It”.

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