#Poetry:”I’m Alive”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/13/poesiasono-vivo/


I’m alive,

I feel my breath,

its value.

I feel alive for the first time,

although I have been for many years,

I feel that now the turning point has come,

after so much damage,

after so many dramas.

I feel alive, like I woke up,


I feel like the real me, I touch my face,

as if it were the first time that I do it,

I feel alive in my smile,

I feel alive in me, I am soaked.

I feel life flowing through me,

as if now, at 30,

I was alive for the first time,

as if you never were before,

as if what happened so far,

was never enough.

And I think it’s really like that …

Now that I am loved,

I love myself and forget the past.

I’m alive now,

I feel stronger and more active.

I realize myself,

because I have abandoned,

any idea not mine, in the toilet.

I understand who I am,

I understand what I want,

at 100%…

I understand that so far I have never been,

maybe it was a bit of me, a bit of someone else,

I conquered myself …

The best feeling in the world,

I am free…

I am, finally,


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