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Sometimes you have to use negative things as a source of energy,

like fuel.

Disappointments must be used,

to become stronger.

This is maturing.

In this place where “rationalizing” seems synonymous with maturity

And superiority.

Where humility seems synonymous with immaturity,

as well as sensitivity.

Where there is very little judgment,

just so much prejudice …

We must therefore use what we lack,

like fuel.

A source of energy,

instead of breaking down.

I use these delusions,

these negative words,

not to let go,

I use them as energy to continue.

I use these obstacles as a strength to overcome them,

I get bigger and stronger.

I use this unspoken love,

out of love for me,

I get stronger than ever

and I think I can become so much,

to overturn the results.

So strong that I could make those who said “no” say yes,

to recover what I have lost,

to have everything, in short.

It is an incredible turnaround.

After years of lost struggles,

a man like me, well …

Or he kills himself,

or he just has a great desire for revenge,

using negative things, like gasoline.

The weaknesses, such as strengths.

And every time, I remember my wounds,

my disappointments

and it is gasoline on the fire.

And the fire is that of my determination …

That is, the desire not to allow the traumas of the past,

to influence the present,

loudly screaming: “I won’t let you win again!”

Fighting against doubts, fears, ghosts, demons.

Fighting against the self that has thrown himself down.

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