#Poetry:”Obstacle Course”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/13/poesiacorsa-ad-ostacoli/

I was born without a chance,

I was born a failure.

They always told me there was nothing I could do …

I grew up believing that I was good for nothing,

Even the people around me practically contributed to this mentality.

And I broke the balls to hear me say

That I can’t do it.

Think of life as an obstacle course,

if you focus on the obstacle, it may happen that you stumble upon it.

I believe that if instead of focusing on the finish,

we only think about the obstacle,

you stay still.

Sure, my goals,

they are very difficult,

almost impossible …

I want to be the one in a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand, million …

That makes it.

I would like these obstacles,

that I create myself, on the one hand,

go away.

These obstacles that really seem to be huge,

very high …

And I, I’m like a David against Goliath,

to fight against a giant that I don’t know how to bring down.

And anguish assails me,

for the bad experiences I have had

and now I don’t know how to overcome them:

maybe I don’t have to focus on how to do it,

maybe in the end, you just have to “do”.

So I know well that this is it, that I have to change my mentality, if I want to do it,

if I want it …

And fuck how much I want it.

How much do I want to be my hero …

I want to do what I think I cannot do.

I want to overcome all these obstacles,

because this is the only way I am happy,

this is the only way I can feel alive, to be myself,

only by overcoming obstacles …

just growing up,

just wanting to still prove

that I can do it.

And I still run,

in the midst of these obstacles,

with the desire to overcome them.


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