#Poetry:”What you’ll get.”

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/14/quello-che-avrai-e-quello-che-hai-perduto/

You’ve lost something too, haven’t you?

Maybe it was nothing fundamental,

but it was something you were fighting for.

Maybe it’s not your fault,

but this does not console you.

Maybe it was a lost cause,

this does not console you.

After all, you just know you wanted to make it.

It’s true, for you it was a lot,

maybe for the person you wanted, you weren’t much,

maybe nothing.

This does not console you,

on the contrary: it makes you feel worse.

Maybe right now you feel broken,

maybe you believe again, that you are good for nothing.

Maybe you think everyone is right,

that is not worth it,

even if it was worth it to you, and how much it was!

And maybe, it wasn’t just for love,

to prove to himself that he can do it.

Life has struck again, where it hurts the most.

This love that you have,

but don’t give …

and the person you want,

he hasn’t even considered you.

And now, tell me, how do you feel?

I’m here with you, you know?

Give me your hand,

I help you get up …

And I tell you not to think about what you have lost,

but what you get.

Think that what you had before,

it was a kind of beginning of friendship,

but think that what you can have,

you can have, if now “kick your balls out”

and decide to improve yourself.

Improve, evolve.

And that’s where the rest will come from,

the success.

The rest will come from here.

Inside you will feel the strength of a giant.

And you will get what you want,

you will have created it within yourself,

with your hands.

Think about what you get,

not to what is lost.

Never give up.


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