#Poetry:”Weak spot in the Wall”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/16/ogni-muro-ha-il-suo-punto-debole-poesia/


We build high walls,

to defend ourselves.

But every wall, every fortress,

has its weakness.

So I got it,

that having a fortress is another limitation.

That it is better to live without borders,

extend to infinity,

open up to many possibilities.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it will be free of weaknesses,

but I don’t want to be a king,

I throw away the crown …

my kingdom has been destroyed,

my fortress has had a big breach,

finally, they reached the heart I was trying to protect.

I was trying to put the pieces back together

then I understand another important thing:

better leave it in pieces,

without putting them back together.

I broke,

but it wasn’t pure love disappointment,

there were so many things,

that in the end, they made the wall collapse,

have breached.

And here I am, contemplating destruction.

And I who kept thinking,

how to save all this …

In the end, I leave it destroyed.

I feel free,

I feel grown up,

trying to have me, just me, inside me.

Now, I’m boundless:

and the roots unfold, in the soil of the world.

PS: this is still not enough for me to find his weakness, but now I know that there is always a weakness in her defenses.


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