My goals,

always unreachable,

always impossible,

always utopian.

And since I have a hard head,

I always go towards them,

to prove you can.

To reach the unattainable,

not to be one who is satisfied,

going to the things I can’t have and can’t be,

because I want them.

And wanting is power …

Because what seems unattainable,

it is only a limit to be overcome.

An exam to pass,

even when I failed, I come to the next appeal

and I do it.

And how if I can do it.

I studied well …

And it is with this mentality that I survived,

maybe I would already be dead

and instead I’m here …

Sure, maybe I won’t be happy,

but to me of the contentment, shit,

I want happiness.

After all this is my way to be:

commit myself, tooth and nail.

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