#Poetry”War Within”.

Every day I fight myself,

I doubt and I am sure,

i am happy and sad.

In this period I am full of uncertainties,

of fears.

Every day I feel convinced to do one thing,

but I doubt what I want,

because the struggle to obtain it is arduous.

I suffer and I tell myself that I shouldn’t,

which I would not like.

I fight between two different wills,

between the one that tells me to quit

 and that says not to.

I don’t know who will win here,

surely it’s always me,

so I win regardless.

I’m tired of these mood swings,

I would like to spend a day without fuss …

and instead even when you are doing your own cock, something is wrong …

struggle between what I want to do,

and what I think is best …

I pray that something will change.

But … in the end that’s just how it goes: when things change,

who knows if you’re doing it too, now that you’ve decided to clean up …

I hope,

I hope you can get better,

even if I am among those you cut …

I also did this when I was a little bit your age,

but then I realized it was a bad thing …

a fight

endless, even for you, huh?

Pity though…

I hope to see you again, when we are both matured,

it was not time, it is not time for us …

“Maybe it never will be” …

a fight,


Between the sides of myself,

who are never right or right,

who can both give me what I want,

how many I can stand …

I hope that one day these efforts will pay off …

That’s how it went for today …

We’ll see tomorrow.

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