My True Self.

I never understood myself,

before now.

I thought others understood me,

better than me.

But how could they,

if I didn’t either?

So if I lived,

protecting me,


to others and to myself?

“We know how you are made”,

no, you know a facade.

A white lie, made to defend myself.

To protect me from all these things,

because I was tired of suffering.

In this way I have caused more suffering,

to me, to others.

I made myself small,

when my true size

it’s gigantic.

And it’s very different from what I thought.

So this is a new beginning,

a gigantic start.

While I hope for miracles, I pray and fight,

while I want to give myself, the impossible things.

And here I am with a new strength,


Finally, in peace, truly.

It’s really time to heal,

to find a new, great, myself.


stronger than before.

So strong to do, in fact,

the impossible.

Just … This is not the day:

will be the way, or God,

to lead me to it.

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