#Review of “#DemonSlayer”.

Unfortunately, so far, there is only one season of Demon Slayer: a season that has fascinated me a lot. The story is of a little boy who lives in a snowy mountain, lives a peaceful life …

One day, however, the demons that he believed were just a legend, they will do something bad … I knew him by fame and I was curious to watch him, he still exceeded expectations.

A good character, a good story. Yes, because Tanjiro is a character to be respected: one who is fully committed, kind, honest, strong. When he makes a mistake, he does everything to improve: I think it’s a nice educational concept to convey.

By working hard to achieve a goal: admirable, admirable!

In short, I respect Tanjiro: even if he does not actually exist. However, the creator of him deserves esteem, therefore, for having given it to us. He does not hold back despite difficulties and obstacles, although these may also be bigger than him. He doesn’t throw himself down: he has the strength to get up. Wonderful!


In short, the spearhead of this anime is, as it should be, the protagonist. However, the characterization of the other characters is also very well taken care of, creating a certain aura of mystery about them. Therefore, they have not been “neglected”. The quality of the drawings and animations is also of a great level.

Gentlemen, for me (and not just me) “Demon Slayer”, is one of the masterpieces of the new generations, together with Attack On Titan and My Hero Academia. Demon Slayer makes you cry, move, entertain and keep your attention high.

He is not bored, he is not trivial. As far as I’m concerned, I find it difficult to find faults, at least as regards the first season: but who starts well… you know!

I absolutely recommend watching it, and maybe I will comment on the totality of everything, when new seasons come out, when it ends (so boh, I think it takes a few years). For the moment, I recommend watching, you will not regret it!

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