#Poetry:”Leave it all behind you”.

Italian Version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/22/poesialascia-indietro/


Leave all behind you,

leve it all again, find you.

Don’t think anymore abut what it was,

what you could do, what you’d crossed.

Time to get it all behind,

maybe something will come back,

it will go across some huge step.

This is how life works,

with its clocks.

Maybe tomorrow will be different,

you shouldn’t even do something about it,

let me help you find it.

Something needs time to make sense,

someone just doesn’t really need help.

You want something special,

it was all so damn boring and normal,

so still and formal.

Leace it all behind,

so yourself and the truth you will find.

It’s a matter of time,

breathe, into this wild.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Who can really say it?

Leave it behind, it doesn’t matter anymore,

What you’ve been fighting for.

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