#Poetry:”After you give Up”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/23/poesiadopo-la-resa/


I gave up,

I let it go.

One day was enough,

it was enough to decide.

But what is there after the surrender?

There is no strength, a new fight,

a new goal?

I am still alive,

so it’s not over yet.

It’s not over.

What is there after recognizing the error,

after learning from it?

What is beyond?

Isn’t yield another limitation?

It’s useless to talk about a “Plus Ultra”, if you don’t know what it is,

if you are not able to go beyond it, the limit.

Isn’t surrender another limitation?

I do not care,

what other people understand.

I understand that it is not money that defines you,

but the confidence in yourself,

success, trust.

It’s not the amount of money,

but how do you stand against life?

Turning dreams into goals.

This is what happens after a “failure”.

It is truly the world that is stronger than us,

or are we the succubi?

We are truly our limits,

or are we the strength to overcome them?

We focus too much on our flaws:

“Without money, you don’t have muscles, you can’t have a girlfriend!”

What if we were our own obstacles,

assuming that we cannot achieve our goals,

living a life for granted,

staying at home doing nothing,

while others enjoy the life we ​​want?

What do you do after the surrender?

It reacts.

We take revenge.

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