#Poetry:”Ignorance is a bliss”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/23/poesiabeata-ignoranza/


“Igorance is a bliss”,

Sometimes, is like this.

I Don’t really give a shit,

about a lot of things.

This world is getting faker,

with all this politically correct, not getting better.

I just like pussy shaved, not hairy.

This all getting crazy.

And I’m an ignorant,

this all so wrong,

this isn’t real,

people just forcing to be something else,

just beacause the world tell them to do so.

This is how I feel.

We live with more masks

And our true face isn’t what is left.

We don’t even knwo who we are anymore,

so for what are we even living for?

This isn’t evolution,

this is regression.

Better to think and live our identity,

instead to live a fake life,

artificial, like the love some men feel for their wife.



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