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#Review of:”Dragon Ball Super: Broly”.


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It has been a long time now, perhaps a year, since I saw the movie “Broly” on a Saturday night in lockdown.

Dragon Ball Super, of course.

Like many things that I review and blog, I had not yet made the decision to write above, so like others I am “late”.

As a kid, I watched and re-watched Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z. I’ve been and am a fan, I think I’ve seen Goku’s first Super Saiyan transformation at least a lot of times.

I also appreciated GT a bit as a child, but not as I hoped, but it was interesting for some things …

I also saw and loved everything Dragon Ball Super: I admit I have never seen DB with great pretensions: for me it has always been “ignorant blows” and Kamehameha.

So we are not saying that FOR ME, DB must have some deep texture, also because it would be too out of place from its sense, or purpose.

The purpose of Dragon Ball, from Z onwards? To entertain. The procedure is always the same, but the fan does not disdain the fight too much: he watches the anime on purpose.

Of course, I don’t mean that the plot doesn’t have weight, I’m just saying it’s not the strongest thing. We all watch it to see Saiyans, fight against the strongest enemies.

And it is the same for “Broly”.

SPOILERS ALARM: those who have not seen Dragon Ball Super or Broly, do not go further.

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