#Poetry:”My mistakes into other’ lifes”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/30/poesiagli-errori-miei-negli-altri/


 I’d love

What other people say,

that their advice,

if they gave them to themselves.

Here, I often find too often

Terms such as “rational”, “cynical”,

as if they were synonymous with something better.

Always good at giving advice that they do not follow, for themselves.

I see my mistakes in other people,

I see other people don’t understand me,

don’t really understand me.

Don’t understand mine.

So maybe we’re just half mirrors,

in which we understand and know each other,

but then we get lost.

Some parts are rejected,

why don’t you accept.

Then everything gets lost in a flow of hypocrisy …

And there is no improvement,

unlike what they boast.

There is really nothing evolved.

But I want to go higher and higher.

Rise up.

To never get lost.

Perhaps, we are truly all victims of ourselves, of others,

who seek in us,

a rejection of their failures.

But not all of us are destined to fail.

They say no one is indispensable,

not even advice …

Yet we are all useful,

we are all capable of loving.

If only, you see,

I weren’t so convinced of misconceptions,

as I have had them too.

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