#Poetry:”The right thing”.

italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/30/poesiala-cosa-giusta/


I always thought I was doing the right thing,

when I thought I wasn’t an asshole,

a jerk,

to distinguish myself from the world.

Everyone seems to ask me why I remained a good person …

And I say it’s because I’ve always believed it was the right thing

And I still believe it …

I believe we must go away,

from this phantom cynicism,

from these things,

which are said, for a reason:

I know which one, I too was afraid of feeling emotions,

I too was afraid of being hurt and disappointed again.

Me too…

I’ve always been looking for the right thing,

how to know to have less problems,

not to give weight, too much weight …

But still to be different.

Now that I know the right way,

was what I can’t do.

It was being quiet, making friends, creating a relationship of trust,

take years …

Maybe, but it was better.

And now, I can’t think of the past,

maybe I can … maybe I shouldn’t even stare,

than to think about the past,

is automatically wrong.

Maybe that’s right, in the end …

Perhaps it is also right to continue to want something that has been lost …

Maybe you see …

It is better to surrender,

feeling their emotions,

feel free…

That’s okay.

It is the right thing.

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