#Poetry:”Accept Myself”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/02/poesiaaccettarmi/


I’m here,

to accept me,

to understand me.

I’m here, finally thinking,

to be able to change and improve

to think that there is nothing wrong with being as they are.

With this faith, hope, that one day he will be able to do,

what I can’t now.

What now seems impossible.

To believe in people,

to see the good, the beautiful.

So, I embrace my mistakes and flaws,

I am well aware that not many are capable,

indeed, that perhaps I am one of the few.

After all, it took a lifetime to get here …

To tell me not to give up,

to continue believing,

to be able to see one day, a better world,

where there can be all, or many.

Where I am friendly with those I have lost,

where will everything be fine …

I accept myself, because by now I understand well,

that there isn’t much other choice …

Now that I can drag myself, now I can tell

With joy, to feel good.

It was tough enough to do, you know?

It seems easy, it seems counted, but you live with fear,

with paranoia,

with the mistakes that torment you,

with opinions,

with the search for an answer,

of a sense …

but now I find my answers.

And that’s fine.


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