#Poetry:”Another Way”.

Italian version:https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/01/poesiaun-altro-modo/


Are we sure there is no other way?

Without it having to happen now,

without it having to happen,

but an alternative?

Instead of hearing the same chants,

as if there was really only one way to live,

a single way to deal with problems.

What balls!

What a drag, guys …

Always the same answers,

Always the same situations,

It all goes in a circle …

It’s not that if you haven’t found other ways,

that means they don’t exist… eh?

I believe it can be found,

the problem is that I collide with the reality of the facts,

so I’m left with nothing more than to believe in it.

In fact, I could show another way,

but now, I’m without the means to do it …

one huge problem.

But I know it is there

Since I’ve seen them,


nobody believes me here.

Who knows?

Maybe one day I can do it.

But I think the important thing is not to be crushed by the weight of the world,

as well as everything,

the important thing is not the things,


but how do you deal with them.

And, you have to face them,

you can’t just accept them

and leave them there, without doing anything.


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