#Review of:”The Good Place”.

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It took me relatively little time to finish this series, which ended perhaps too soon.

Perhaps, from the ending, one can think that they had run out of ideas. He did not convince me … at first glance it seemed too hasty.

But let’s not talk too much about the ending, in case you are interested in watching it, I don’t want to spoil anything, at least not in these first lines.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is “The Good Place”? A fairly light series, at least at the beginning, which speaks of a hypothetical “afterlife”. The protagonist (Eleanor) seems to have ended up in the “good place” by mistake and from there begins the real incipit of the story.

However, the series evolves every time and surprises … And now, to make an in-depth analysis, it seems difficult not to tell about things that also take place in the plot.

That is, I would not be able to do an in-depth analysis if I had to think about not making too many spoilers.

I will try not to say precise things, but I warn you that what I am about to write is for those who have seen it all, or almost, so let’s go:

So, since we are in a hypothetical “other part”, it must be said that the authors’ idea is original, psychological, philosophical.

People are judged too rigidly or superficially to end up in hell (the bad place) for reasons that are ultimately negligible and not so serious.


So there are people who end up there and notice that their mistakes, eventually notice that they don’t actually deserve, to be punished so harshly, and then, they start talking about morality, philosophy, education. How people can improve and improve: themselves, the people around them, their life.

An afterlife has been used to affirm things that could also happen in normal life, which, however, when alive, perhaps certain things are neglected …

Perhaps we are too used to improving ourselves only on the basis of a reward, which could only happen when we die, instead of doing it for ourselves, to make our life better and consequently, also that of our small world.

Let’s say that this series happened “in a nutshell”, because it led me to reflect on numerous aspects of my life.

For those who want to be inspired by this series, they will be able to find positive energy and the determination to improve, to grow, to become better people: and to become them, in this series you have to truly love and love more, so it is inspiring.

The series poses existential, philosophical, moral problems. In fact, through Chidi (main character of the series, professor of Philosophy), we get to know the moral notions of different philosophers and we wonder how we should behave, if to actually get better, we can do something … You can, while alive, without waiting to die.

I must admit that this series has opened my mind, on some things in my life and some I know, I have better understood some mistakes that I have made recently, towards some people and towards me, as a result.

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you feel like you are waking up after a long, lifelong sleep? That you have lived too passively?

What time is the time to react?

One particular event that made you think about everything wrong with your life?

The characters of “The Good Place” find themselves in these situations: they understand only from death, how messed up they were.

We, we are still alive, can fix our life NOW. And that’s the beauty of it: I watched this series at a time when I wanted to start fixing my life, and watching it gave me more motivation to do so.

The characters of the series are “role models”, models to be inspired by.

Michael also says it at one point: “There are no good or bad people, there are only people who improve day by day”.

I would say they are beautiful messages to follow.

Finally, I absolutely recommend watching it, if you’ve seen it let me know what you think, see you next time 😊

The Good Place - Season Pilot

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