#Poetry:”As it was wrong…”

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/06/poesiacome-se-fosse-sbagliato/


From the very beginning,

before I even try, they stop me:

they tell me it’s wrong,

they say “it’s not worth it”.

Before you even try,

before I even see if I can.

Is this loving?

With this fucking excessive realism …

why this desire to prevent, to stop?

They say that this is how you get hurt,

you are disappointed,

but how do you know, before you try it?

One grows up believing to be undervalued,

and therefore always tries to go further,

finding as the only answer,

the energy to encourage yourself,

to prove everyone wrong,

that I can really do it.

I can have what I want …

And the first step is to believe it, to really believe it.

The second is not to be ashamed of anything,

to think that their desires and ambitions are not wrong …

Try not to censor yourself,

to think that we should be free to say and think what we want,

at least, within ourselves.

Why yeah I don’t care if I get disappointed

I want disappointment,

because if I don’t try, I won’t know if that’s the case.

No one but me can tell me how to live life,

can really define what I want …

Nobody can define what is worth or not for me, just …


For me it is absolutely worth it, there is no one who can say it …

It’s worth it, because that’s what I want.

Fregacazzi if it will make me suffer, while I try to get it.

The third step, you see, is not to be satisfied:

because if you want something else in life,

you will never be well, if what you have now,

it’s not what you really want.

And there is nothing wrong with wanting it,

and remain “attached” to it,

in life, goals count …

And at the very least, try to reach them.

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