#Poetry:”Under Pressure”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/06/poesiasotto-pressione/


Under pressure,

I’m trying to find the right structure,

But I’m so stressed out,

I must have missed out…
Trying to find my answer,

writing on this paper.

I’m tring to calm down,

but everyday,

I’m falling into the ground,

everyday, dragged down into the abyss,

for everything I miss…

If I calm down, will you come back, miss?

I need you to to this…

Or maybe just me,

to let it be,

I can, so I can feel free,

instead of flee.

Flee, the only thing I can do?

What is the right thing?

I need to find my inner peace,

I need a new piece.

For my mind, for my peas.

My mind need to ease…

I need to do it my own way,

no need to kill every feeling,

but not  even just with anger, or rage,

I need … just to break out of this cage.

I need to feel to act like a man of my age,

I don’t need to fight, to engage.

I’ve learned the truth,

is in my hands, now.

But I need to use it as a weapon, somehow.

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