#Poetry:”Whenever you’re Ready”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/06/poesiaquando-sei-pronto/


Whenever you’re ready…

Let it go, forget it.

What hurts you,

I don’t know if it really matures,

but surely, it makes the pain go away.

After so many hours that I’ve spent,

trying to find the right answer.

I have found many, but none of them …

It brought me what I really want.

So maybe …

… Maybe the best is to wake up,

understand that you have to calm down,

find peace of mind,

otherwise nothing is done,

no relationship is mended,

you do not go on,

you are destroyed,

we remain our mistakes and not our true essences.

So today I wake up with this peace inside,

with the peace of letting go, finally.

Maybe it’s the same peace that comes when you accept death.

And after all, it’s a bit like a part of me died …

A part of me that I wanted to remain

because she made me feel good …

and I still wanted to be.

However, I understand that this is perhaps not the best way,

keep thinking about it …

I think I have ingested enough poison.

Now, I think I make peace with my heart,

who reaffirms that love is always the right answer.

Without paranoia, without prejudice.

I haven’t thought with my head,

I thought with the thoughts and judgments of others about me

and on her.

Thinking about who thought, that I couldn’t do it

And who, told me things about the other person,

instead of thinking what I thought,

that was right for me,

since it was not as important as it was in other cases,

but how she was there with me.

Like all and all,


But here, the only exception had to be her.

Why? Because otherwise I was disappointed,

because it was wrong to even try, right?

But now, I understand all these things and that’s okay …

I let go because I know that I will be completely healed

And I finally feel good doing it …

I’m fine, I know what it is in the end, really,

“The right thing to do”.

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