#Poetry:”Dark Side”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/07/poesialato-oscuro/


I take my dark side,

I look at it, all the way:

to see if there is light, in the dark.

Something pushes me into the dark,

I hit a wall,

without a future,

this is my moment:

moving forward is so hard …

I welcome evil,

every now and then you have to do,

every now and then, you have to wish,

it takes not only sugar, but also salt.

The moment is fatal …

I climb the stairs, of this pain,

I hope I can use my anger,

as an engine.

Without it being just black, the color.

I fall into hatred, into resentment,

I need to change it with love.

Every now and then, however, negative vibes are welcome,

remember that those too are human,

there are not only summer holidays,

or just stand still and look at the stars.

I send to fuck all the exhaustive answers,

I am exhausted of being sad and of the usual shores …

Fuck all these aggressive people,

here it only matters how you survive.

And forgive me if I say that I would like to punch someone,

I never do, I just imagine,

because I don’t want to ruin my life

and that of those next to me.

I will never be a saint,

but I know myself completely, every side,

the good one and the broken one.

My brain will need a transplant,

I know I only need one thing.


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