#Poetry:”You are the answer”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/07/poesiala-risposta-sei-tu/


You can’t find it anywhere else,

you are the answer,

you are the proposal.

Inside you, you find it,

for every problem,

to resist against all that, which it rows against you.

Your hand trembles,

still pissed off about that fool.

But don’t listen,

who is wrong.

Only you have your reason,

no one can understand it better than you,

of your situation.

This is my region,

my complication.

I beat my chest, hard,

I am my answer,

but it’s so difficult to make it happen …

with reality, compare it.

It is something that is outside of me,

but I don’t have to set it aside.

Finding the strength to face it,

to look for it.

I know that I know what I want,

and I’m so determined to get it,

a different me, an impossible me.

And everything I do, to have it …

I cannot accept this failure:

for the umpteenth time, the same experiment,

after investing a lot of time,

Does everything end like this, like excrement?

I’ve done so much for then,

find myself in this state once again?

I want the life that was taken from me,

change this quote, twisted reality …

I want someone who understands, who listens.

But I remain more and more alone …

I want to get off the ground, take flight.

I want to reach the top,

because I can do it, as I could before.

For every problem, the answer is me:

I’m on top of the pyramid,

and I want to stay there until they put my tombstone on it.

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