#Poetry:”Your Value”.

This is the english translation of: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/07/poesiail-tuo-valore/


The value of a human being,

what is measured on?

On the money he owns?

About the job he has?

On your studies?

How many women does he fuck?

And a woman’s worth,

is it measured in the same way?

A woman must really depend on these things,

that she owns a man?

What is it that you value us?

Are we not ourselves?

Doesn’t existence itself already have a value?

To have it, you don’t necessarily have to have work, success, women …

You don’t have to wait for others to recognize it.

The first one who recognizes it, you must be,

certainly they will not be idle people,

idiotic kids, laughing at you,

to define your value.

You are worth a lot.

And if you think you can deserve what you want,

even if others say the opposite,

you well, don’t care what other people think,

even if they love you.

You define your value,

turn it up and down as well, according to the moments,

According to the needs,

but remember: you are good, you are worth it,

you are good enough.

And you can, you can really reach,

the top,

the top of the pyramid.

And make you happy, just as you want to be.

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