#Poetry:”My Role”.

Italian version:https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/08/poesiail-mio-ruolo/


My role,

always at the end of the world,

the last man,

always alone.

Isolation was always the answer,

deep into the dark hole.

Always excluded,

always incomplete, inconcluded.

Thing is, I want to change my face,

I want a new one,

a new trace.
I can’t always be the nerd,

alone, angry and with no nerve.

I can’t let some bunch of kids,

to influece my life.

It’s bad enough by itself.

I need more, for myself.

You know, I just need a rematch,

against all hurts me and all that…

I want to prove it,

I want to win it.

My role might be like Jim Halpert,

Must take her back.

Maybe it’s wrong, but you see,

I don’t care.

Maybe nobody really did,

this I can’t spare.

I need to change my mind,

I need to sto pbeing blind,

I need to get out of my pain,

so joy can fall like rain.

Want to give a kiss, in my name,

I don’t want to be the same,

I’m tired of all of this,

I want another role,

I can’t take this one, never again,

not anymore.

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