I always want to fix,

I always want to do it for six,

feelings, I have a mix,

repair my broken bricks.

I’m a good man,

but to be honest,

the right thing? I still don’t understand.

Everyone got their own hand,

mine is full of bandage,

what is my stand?

Still wanting to fix what is broken,

so maybe it won’t be the same,

some feeligns, awoken.

I don’t care about what others think,

I want that to be my trick,

I often overthink,

trying to find truth to drink.

Logic explanation,

fix my world, fix my nation.

With heart and reason,

the answer is the same in every season.

It’s hard to fix everything,

starting by me, my whole being…

I want to do it,

maybe for some moral code,

can’t let go, even if it’s wrong.

Living with hope and my mode.

I want to fix my mistakes,

so I can be ready,

for my earthquake.


… And I will try,

to fix you.

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