#Poetry:”Get back on your feet”.

Italain verison here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/09/poesiarialzarsi/


Get back on your feet,

after bad times,

it’s hard.

Some people think I had an easy life,

but I think I have suffered a lot,

so much that “easy” was definitely not.

Of course, not that horrible …

But there are so many things,

that I would need,

that I would have liked,

that I’ve never had.

Things I still need,

I still have questions to find answers,

I still have to figure out if I can make different decisions,

to change the results.

You know what the problem is when you fall,

especially if you are an ambitious person?

That you fall from above …

And falling from above hurts terribly.

You fly up there.

Because you want big things

And you know well that you can reach them,

then you clash with your mistakes,

that take everything away from you.

And I was so afraid of making mistakes,

so much that it became concrete, real.

And every time you fall, getting up is the hardest task….

And it is a lifetime that I fall and always get up.

Except that I broke the balls of this cycle,

I would like to stay high,

and aim higher and higher …

And when I fall to the ground, a soft landing.

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