#Poetry:”So Tired”.

Check Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/12/poesiastanco/


Man I’m so tired,

so tired of all of this.

So tired of talking,

even tired of walking,

so tired of thinking,

so tired of blinking.

So tired of everything that hurts,

of this rules, of everything that drives me nuts.

So tired of debating,

so tired of remaking…

Tired of trying to help you understand,

tired of thinking about a plan.

Even if I do, It’s slippin’ through my hands, like sand,

So, I just don’t want to be mad.

I don’t even care who is wrong or right,

this is not how I’ll see the light,

not how the smiles, shine bright,

so, here ends the fight.

I want to sleep,

I don’t think about sheep,

every fake friend,

sho didn’t help,

in the end,

he was jus t a toxic fiend.

Doesn’t deserve a friendship to be lend.

Let me go, then,

who is tired,

doesn’t want more.

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