#Poetry:”Waking up”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/13/poesiarisveglio/


Suddenly one day,

it’s like waking up.

Rise and shine!

The future is finally mine.

I can feel alive,

I am a commander of my time.

Enough with those fake friends,

who are, indeed, f(r)iends.

I’ve been even too good,

time to get the hell out of my hood!

So easy to betray,

so hard to stay,

and now, demons, is what I slay,

No need to get away!

I will change,

I will get my revenge,

and I wil ldo it calmly, within my range.

Now that  Ihave to change my face,

now, that I’m forced to find my place,

all this fucking jelaousy of human race,

it annoys me, I want to get more space.

So time to wake up,

do you motherfuckers have a backup?

I have to count on me,

trust no one: so you can be free.

Or maybe just a few,

You need no crew.

Everyone thinks they are better than everyone,

the best for me, now it’s done.

Hurting me was the plan?

Good, you did it man.

Now enjoy yourself, to be alone,

because now, I’m gone.

You’ll never do things behind my back.

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