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Sometimes, you need a recharge,

as if we were made of batteries,

as if we were electronic.

This is our practice,

not to be tragicomic,

to solve problems, small or chronic,

we try not to be catatonic.

I feel in need of recovering energy,

it’s not that I want to go away,

but I need news, in this gallery,

a new form of supremacy,

to escape madness

and every other litany.

If I get my strength back,

maybe I can do it,

to find a way to advance.

I let myself go

to be able to recharge.

I get lost in my dreams,

to satisfy my needs,

I try to connect them to reality,

mold a new truth,

and it’s not that I want to force it, for heaven’s sake,

but I want to be calamity.

If you fall down, you don’t always get up right away,

sometimes you stay on the ground, watching the clouds and the nights,

the stars, the rains, the lots,

getting lost in deceptions, in conspiracies,

and in pain, sometimes, you don’t give a damn.

Of the faults, of the mottos,

while around you, the barrels are formed.

Goodnight then, sleep,

tomorrow you could do it,

to adjust the contours.

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