Italain version, check it here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/14/poesiaavere-fretta/

Where are you going?

What is this rush?
Calm down,

or you gonnna crush.

You need to breathe,

You may need a brush,

to paint your life,

slowly and delicate, like a blush.

You know?
If you have rush to live,

it’s like having rush to die.

You have so much to do,

to live, to try.

Stop, come on,

if you don’t, you might go wrong.

If you run you won’t live yourself,

you won’t taste,

it would be such a waste.

I think we need to be master of our time,

not to be slave of it, it would be a crime.

So you could get to your prime,

this life, a mountain to climb.

You need to get slower,

so you can get every angle of life,

higher or lower.

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