#Poetry:”Forgive Yourself”.

Italain version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/16/poesiaperdonati/


Can you forgive yourself?

Maybe if you’re still sick,

if you still think about your mistakes,

maybe you still haven’t succeeded.

Maybe you haven’t gotten out of it yet.

Maybe to stop feeling bad,

you must understand that by now, you must forgive yourself.

So maybe you can forget,

to let go.

Can you restore yourself,

to love you,

to understand that you did your best,

even if it went for the worse.

Give me your hand, I will hold you,

now that you’re in a tight place.

Sorry, for any mistake, I correct you.

But that’s enough,

otherwise you feel only pain,

and I think it would be time for another color,

black, slims but wears out,

then if you stay like that, you make us mold.

Even if you find every scam,

but then what is the use, if we are at the fruit?

Of course, it’s always good to know your friends,

and their enemies.

However, the fact remains that a place is needed,

where to leave the roots.

Among all these actors and actresses,

smoke signals as the bikes go by.

Forgive yourself, you are not a monster,

and it’s okay even if you want to stay in this place,

I’m not prostrate,

I do not seek forgiveness at any cost,

but it is always better to look for it than to put it out of place.



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