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we’lll see what brings,

what’s gonna borrow,

maybe good things will follow,

now I’m tired of this pain and sorrow.

So, let me dream and sleep,

let me be a black sheep,

I’m waiting the sound of the beep,

I have no dreams to keep.

When I wake up,

everyday looks like a break up.

Tomorrow, I’ll think about my goal,

in search of the pot of gold.

Tomorrow I’ll find the right answers,

or a new danger,

a new adventure, a new weather,

what I can see, what I can ghater.

Maybe a simper life,

but I know it gets harder,

so I rest, dreaming a new garden.

I know what matters, it’s how you can get up,

after you were kicked down,

sometimes doesn’t matter how,

it matters you’re doing it, now,

get rid of the pain that you allow.

Tomorrow we’ll know,

if it will be good or not,

we’ll see what I’ve got.

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