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When everything falls apart,

in the end, I stand up,

once again.

To take a new part,

to restart.

If I cant do a thing,

I get stronger,

I want to get better,

this are things to foster.

I’ll get stronger,

to do things I couldn’t before,

to take it to another level,

to do more,

I won’t stay under,

I will be the rebel.


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To move on,

I do, we always do.

If I don’t do it how you want it,

I care little.+

But, I can’t let anyone,

to put a mouth in my life.

I regret and regret many things,

I’m sorry I said them,

to have criticized,

of having written “White Papers”.

For some things I have no responsibility,

maybe it’s the city’s fault,

or rather: the fault of what certain experiences do and cause us.

I am sorry that you have experienced them …

The door will always remain open for you.

Maybe you will enter, without having knocked, in fact.


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To grow up,

does not mean getting colder,

does not mean becoming more cynic,

it means becoming more autonomous.

It means more and more,

know who you are,

what do you want,

where should you go,

and do it.

Carrying everything, all the way.

It seems paradoxical,

but you become too mature,

to let it go,

to surrender.