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#Poetry:”It has passed 3″ ( I just miss her.)





I write so much,

I still write so much to let off steam,

I write so much to try to forget,

to forget me.

And it’s paradoxical,

because writing, I remember.

These my philosophies,

these truths of mine,

that so often oppose each other,

to those of others.

Writing my faults,

my obsessions.

My hopes.

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#Poesia: è Passata 3:”Scrivo così tanto…”(Manca.)



Scrivo così tanto,

scrivo ancora tanto per sfogarmi,

scrivo tanto per cercare di dimenticare,

di dimenticarmi.

Ed è paradossale,

perché scrivendo, ricordo.

Queste mie filosofie,

queste mie verità,

che così tanto spesso si contrappongono,

a quelle degli altri.

Scrivendo le mie colpe,

le mie ossessioni.

Le mie speranze.

Scrivo tanto, perché credo

Che sia il solo modo rimasto per me, di esprimermi.

Ad un certo punto è una dipendenza,

non riesco a smettere.


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#Poetry:”I just can’t do it.” (Apathy scares me)



I’m sorry,

but I just can’t do it.

I just can’t be “cynical”.

To me, this apathy scares me.

I have tried it for years,

and it was like being dead.

I ask myself,

how do others die every day.

I’m afraid,

of this slow death.

This false indifference,

these shields of appearances.

I’m really tired,

of these clichés.

Of these chants,

it seems that they are all homologated,

to all say the same things.

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