ITAIOriginal: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/12/poesiadisintossicato/



the poison is outside of me,

I’m detoxed.

there are no other people’s ideas in here.

My foolish will is in charge!

My desire,

the pleasure of creating,


This is my salvation.

The poison,

of who told me,

all those bad things,

it’s out of me.

Everyone who told me


“you can not do this,

you’ll never make it! “

Go there,

to fuck it!

And now, I feel so light,

‘cause I got the shit out of my body

from my head,

heart and soul.

If there ever is one!

The poison,

of those who tell me they are not able,

of not being able,

that wanting certain things is “a pity!”

And it’s because of this bullshit,

that I hold nothing.

And it’s the poison,

who entered here,

since I was a child…

And I, who have always believed in all this …

Now there isn’t,

 than a great desire for revenge.

Push it to the limit.



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