#Poetry:”Push it to the limit!”

I push to the limit,

I don’t want to stop.

I always want limits to overcome,

to reach.

Tomorrow there is always a little to improve,

with my training,

physical and mental.

I want to push it to the limit,

more and more.

Since here,

many people abuse their own.

I want to go further.

And I also said wrong,

when I said that beyond,

I didn’t want to push myself.

I said bullshit!

And that’s why I stay

to see where I can go,

if it is true that “I can’t do it!”

Yes, of course!

There is nothing that can stop me.

I want to go on,

more and more.

Maybe one more dip a day,

an extra mile of running,

more and more.

I want everything,

perhaps it is not understood here.

And I don’t give a shit

about anything else.

Because what for others

would be “impossible”,

for me they are only

limits to overcome.

Push it to the limit!



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