“The World, Chico…”#Scarface -Review.

Ita version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/13/voglio-il-mondo-chico-recensione-scarface/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytLY7bHGiz4



I have never been a great watcher of films, but … it will be the fact that having often been shut up at home, I went to watch some of them.

And here we are: Scarface, a 1983 film, with an Al Pacino at the height of his career. A great actor, without a doubt.

Tony Montana, a fairly mysterious character, at first. He is quite cryptic, but one thing is certain: he wants more.

He is a man who does not look anyone in the face to get what he wants. An ambitious one, one who comes “from below” and does nothing but push hard to get it. He wants: “The world, chico. And everything that’s inside “.

Even though he is a criminal, this film almost has the message to inspire you, to be ambitious too not to settle. This is where one of the first important things of the film arises: being on the side of the criminal, of Tony. A bit like I was on the side of Walter White, the protagonist of “Breaking Bad”. (I hope you have seen it …)


Because in fact, there you are on the side, automatically of the criminal.

The criminal in this case like Tony, is an Underdog and therefore it is almost natural that you like him … that is to put yourself in his shoes, to feel similar to him.

SPOILERO for a moment Breaking Bad.

Of course, knowing from the start that he would die of cancer is a dream, but throughout the series you always hope that he will win, that he will be saved, that he will succeed. Although he too is for large parts a great son of a bitch.

Yet, he has something: the charisma, the willpower, to get what he wants, he too, stops at nothing.

And I found a lot of similarities between these two characters, because they both create an empire out of thin air, and finally, they both collapse.

Except that as far as Scarface is concerned, I really loved the first part of the film, the second one disappointed me a bit! For me, Tony’s empire ends all too quickly. At one point he says it too, at the table with Manny and Elvira:

“Does it all end like this?”

Obviously yes, unfortunately!

From the great hunger and ambition, to a madness made of cocaine huffing … Truly decadent. It all happens too fast.

The moment in which everything begins to swoop down, is also one of the most interesting of the film, which sheds light on a very important thing about the mafia: Tony prevents the hitman from killing the wife and children of those they were supposed to kill, preferring to betray his ally, rather than allowing him to harm innocent creatures.

Of course, this will only intensify his descent, but this puts us in an interesting story, which is perfectly realistic: even the mafia have a code of honor, a morality. And it is thanks to these strict rules that it still exists, it still has a really strong imprint on us, our lives.

And, in fact, precisely because of this world so different from us honest people, that we are passionate about the criminal world: a world with different rules, a world without a state, without God, or at least with a different god.

A world in which someone like Tony Montana emerges from the shit and wins, even if only for a while. And it takes a part of the world.

In short, on the one hand a beautiful motivation, ambition, a man who makes it, who realizes “the American dream”, on the other hand the rapid collapse of everything he had painstakingly built.

Remembering that success is not as easy and comfortable as it appears to us, it is always the result of efforts that we cannot imagine, at least not until we achieve it.

A difficult life, made up of so much sacrifice, almost leads us to an apparently “cynical” part, as around these men there are large quantities of blood, cocaine, money, deaths, losses.

Nice movie, overall, to see, absolutely.

And let’s go push it to the limit.



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